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:Apr 24,2008 12:00am -Tons of little updates. - vers.3.6 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added bookmarking button to
1) main page items
2) concert page items
3) forum posts
4) events board posts
5) RTTP radio show page
6) picture pages
7) amimetalornot pages
// link things on RTTP to your other webpages

added rss feed button to
1) news on the main page
2) news on the forum page
3) events on the events page
4) the events page
// keep up to date on RTTP in your RSS feed readers

Venue Page
added news stories related to the venue
added a + new show link in the events area
moved the pictures from that venue

Label Page
added a + new show link in the events area
added a picture area for all the bands on that label

Band Page
added a + new show link in the events area
sped up the listing out of all the bands from 3-4 seconds to a fraction of a second
made a shortcut so that I can add myspace pages for bands that don't myspace links on their bands page.

Fixed the top of the page on IE and made it look better
When it's a news article, related bands/labels/venues links show up UNDER the first post
Added a link to the text only forum on the full forum and the full forum on the text forum
Added a better "Video" link button. it shows up on the new thread, post reply, quote, and profiles pages. myspace supported too.

Concert Page
Made the bands names look better
Removed some unneeded returns
Added alttext for images so that webcrawlers might pick them up.
Changed the bar above the pictures when a band is selected to give more/better info.
There is a dropdown on the band name on the concert page. When you mouseover it, you get an informational dropdown.

All Pages
Removed the skyNET ads after being banned with no reason. Thanks to everyone for supporting the links while they were up. Even through in the end, skyNET took the cash generated and put it into thier growing bottom line.

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